ClearVUE IoT Devices

An Evolution in Monitoring and Targeting Hardware

Next-gen loT energy devices. Stay Smart, Stay Connected with ClearVUE energy management IoT products

ClearVUE’s hardware has been a developed from the ground up in a unique collaboration between our hardware design engineers,  software developers and data scientists, creating a seamless integration between hardware and software

All ClearVUE hardware and sensors are state of the art IoT wireless technology designed to live stream directly to the ClearVUE. PRO software platform through the cloud. ClearVUE have designed a full range of energy management system sensors, which use the latest developments in IoT technology

System 8 IoT Meter

Our 8 Channel next gen Ultra Smart Meter is a non-intrusive, mains powered electrical consumption meter with full Modbus, and Pulse IoT capability. It live monitors with Class A 99% accuracy, over 20 electrical parameters at per second intervals: 24 single phase circuits or eight 3-phase circuits up to a 6000 amp supply. This modular meter is Modbus and Pulse enabled allowing for higher connectivity and data gathering. With a very easy installation process and little or no maintenance required, this powerful meter delivers deep energy analytics

ClearVUE - IoT Modular Sensors

Our sensors usher in a new wave of sensor development. All sensors connect directly and securely to the Gateway Pro or Mini Gateway and being wireless and battery enabled, are very easy to install. They have the ability to measure temperature, lux, pressure, humidity, decibel levels and more. Our sensors are built as a modular technology, meaning you no longer need different sensors for different tasks as up to five parameters can be combined into one sensor in any combination. Our sensors use the latest developments in communications technology (mesh networks)

ClearVUE - Mini IoT Gateway

The mini gateway was developed specifically to help cover large areas on a client’s site, as traditionally sensors are limited by range and therefore can’t deliver the data to the necessary devices

ClearVUE Professional IoT Gateway

A multi-functional device capable of processing Big Data at a sub-second level. Modbus enabled and capable of handling data from up to 100 sensors. Future developments will enable a control capability from the gateway to turn on or off any device connected to the system; either manually or even automatically when utilised with ClearVUE. PRO’s alert feature

ClearVUE - Non-intrusive IoT monitor (Nim IoT)

Non-intrusive load monitoring is still a very early stage technology and is one of the ways ClearVUE are pushing the boundaries in the energy technology sector. Non-intrusive load monitoring is a way of reading the frequency and harmonics of the electrical main incomer at your site. Our Nim meter collects the harmonic data and sends it to the cloud where we employ the use of AI methods to establish which harmonic frequency belongs to which appliance. What does this mean for the future? It means we will know what specific asset or appliance is consuming at your site without the need for expensive and intrusive sub-metering.

The full extent of this technology may not be available for a few years yet but we’re excited about what the future holds for NILM technology and ClearVUE will position itself at the forefront of any developments and continue to push the boundaries of what this technology can do