Manage your business energy live across multiple global sites down to a granular, per second, per circuit level from anywhere in the world

At ClearVUE, we believe businesses should be able to control how they view and use their energy. ClearVUE. PRO breaks the mould in business energy monitoring. No more waiting to see historical energy data, in fact, by combining ClearVUE. PRO with our next generation of energy sensors and hardware, business energy users can see real-time energy consumption and costs before it’s processed by the energy supplier!

No more wasting energy resources and money waiting for the right data!

Live streaming cost data

Real-time global billing data including supplier, distribution and government charges allowing you to view energy data and cost side by side at any point within the month

Customised alerts and alarms

Allow you to react within seconds to energy inefficiency issues arising from any combination of meters, circuits and machinery. By providing live streaming energy data, ClearVUE. PRO allows you to take real-time action therefore energy waste and increased cost can be cut almost as soon as it arises!

One second granularity

Our system allows you to manage and monitor your energy more effectively as ClearVUE. PRO provides your energy data at any interval down to one second granularity and gives the ability to perform professional analysis of energy fundamentals on up to 35 energy parameters such as, consumption kWh, Power Factor, Load Factor, Phase Voltage, Current and more, showing you areas where energy efficiency can be improved and waste energy reduced.

Create virtual meters by mixing any energy consuming device from anywhere in the world.

Mix and match any combination of ClearVUE enabled circuits and machines to isolate their consumption and costs into virtual meter on ClearVUE’s powerful software. This extremely powerful and unique feature gives you unparalleled control over your energy and power consumption like never before. Stay in control with ClearVUE. PRO’s virtual meters functions.

Simple to use and share data

This multi-user platform provides intuitive user interface and easier learning curve than anything we have seen on the market before. You can exploit advanced reporting features including data export by CSV, JPEG and PDF creation so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours collating and creating energy data reports.

Simple to use and highly scalable

User friendly interface, Cloud-based and secure, accessible from anywhere on the planet.

Easily scalable from 1 up to 50 meters with custom production data input fields and embedded weather data

BETA Trial Begins Q1 2020