Manage your business energy consumption and costs across multiple sites from anywhere in the world

ClearVUE. Lite is a first of its kind cloud-based, low-cost energy software as a service (e-SaaS) monitoring and targeting platform. It is subscription-based and requires NO site visits, NO costly hardware, NO wires, NO mess!

It puts your business in control of its energy and provides you valuable energy insight to help cut business energy waste and identify inefficiencies within minutes of easy online sign up. Unique to the marketplace, it allows you to view and manage your energy fundamentals effectively like never before, in just a few clicks!

Energy Software as a Service (e-SaaS)

No costly energy hardware required, transformative e-SaaS technology guarantees hassle free online set up process, view your energy data within minutes of subscription

Fundamental insight into your energy consumption

View and analyse 10 vital energy fundamentals, including kWh, kW, kVA, Power Factor, Reactive Power, Weather Data, Cost and more to identify areas of wasted energy and available savings

Analyse energy consumption and cost

Analyse down to half hourly energy data alongside supplier, distribution, transmission and government charges right up to yesterday’s consumption

Create multi parameter alerts

Intuitive alerts feature warns you of energy issues allowing you to take action quickly, saving time and money.

Simple to use and highly scalable

Cloud based and secure, ClearVUE. Lite is easily scalable from 1 up to 50 meters with data accessible from anywhere in the world.